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Facilities and public amenities at homestay near Legoland Malaysia : Dillenia Homestay

Why Dillenia Homestay is the most convenient place to stay?

Why Dillenia Homestay is the most convenient place to stay?


It is said that Bukit Indah town ship is the best place to stay while on vacation in Legoland , Hello Kitty, Puteri Harbour or if you have short term business work/visit. Mainly because you will find three shopping complexes here such as the AEON Bukit Indah Shopping Complex (350m to Dillenia Homestay), Tesco and Giant hypermarket



Legoland Hotel Facility

Legoland Hotel Facility

Homestay near Legoland : near to Legoland Hotel with swimming pool facility

Legoland Hotel is just 50m away from the Legoland Water Theme Park. but do you know the hotel also provide swimming pool for their guest? Yes the swimming pool are located on the podium floor.

If you are looking for swimming gears, do not hesitate to visit the AEON Bukit Indah Shopping Complex, Tesco Hypermarket and Giant Hypermarket. These three shopping avenues are located just 5-10 minutes drive from Legoland Malaysia.

Legoland hotel for surely will satisfy your accommodation need, but due to the newly developing  area, the Legoland still lack of shopping facilities. So the best choice is Taman bukit Indah township.

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Legoland Hotel and the proximity to AEON and other shopping facilities will surely make your holiday an enjpyable trip!. have fun folks!



Dillenia Homestay Is 25 minutes To Singapore

Dillenia Homestay Is 25 minutes To Singapore

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For those of you planning to have vacation at Universal Studio Singapore, our homestay is just 25 minutes drive to Singapore via Tanjung Pelepas CIQ and after that proceed to Tuas CIQ in Singapore, no congestion at Tuas CIQ. 

Compare to Woodlands CIQ where there are always constant congestion ( Johore Causeway or Tambak Johore ).

Our homestay is only a matter of 400meters from Bukit Indah Exit ( Exit 308, PLUS Second Link Expressway ( or code name E1 – E1 is the Prime Highway in Malaysia, seconded by North South Malaysia Highway or code name E2 )