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Ke Legoland Malaysia naik pesawat?

Ke Legoland Malaysia naik pesawat?

Bercuti Ke Legoland Malaysia naik pesawat ?


dillenia-senai-airportHomestay dekat Legoland Malaysia  juga hanya 24 minit perjalanan dari Senai International Airport. Kiranya anda menaiki pesawat atau “flight” meang amat mudah dan perjalanannya singkat.
Melalui Lebuhraya Second Link (PLUS) dari Senai, anda DIRECT ke Exit 308 Bukit Indah (PLUS) yg juga hanya 350meter dr Homestay Dillenia. Note :AEON Bukit Indah di sebelah Exit 308 ya :-)

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Legoland Malaysia to Dillenia Homestay Bukit Indah

Legoland Malaysia to Dillenia Homestay Bukit Indah

Homestay Legoland Malaysia Maps to Legoland JohorMap above : It just take you 7-10 minutes driving to reach Legoland Malaysia


Homestay Legoland-bus stopBus stop is just 150meters to Dillenia Homestay. Buses are numerous, from Causeway Link ,Maju stage buses going to an around Johor Bahru, Legoland Malaysia area, Medini Kota Iskandar, Hello Kitty Indoor Theme Park.

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Merujuk kepada peta di atas perjalanan dari Legoland ke Dillenia Homestay vice-versa atau sebaliknya akan ambil masa cuma  7 ke 10 minit sahaja . Dari homesatay anda akan gunakan laluan Lebuhraya Bukit Indah dan masuk ke Lebuhraya Iskandar ( 6 lorong tu!) dan ambil hala ke Kota Iskandar/Iskandar Puteri).

  Selepas melepasi “flyover” Bukit Indah/Horizon Hill akan hanya ambil masa 2-3 minit sebelum anda nampak taman tema Legoland di sebelah kiri highway . Nah anda dah pun sampai


How to go to Dillenia Homestay near Legoland Malaysia From Changi Airport?

How to go to Dillenia Homestay near Legoland Malaysia From Changi Airport?

changi-to-boon-lay-mrt-to-homestay-near-legoland-malaysiaAbove : Changi MRT to Boon Lay MRT ( bus interchange, CW6 to Bukit Indah )

I read emails every day. Three or five times  a day. Each checking and reading the emails is between every 3 or 4 hours. Some of the email frequently asking me on how to go to Dillenia Homestay from Changi Airport in Singapore. Then, on how to go to Legoland Malaysia from Dillenia Homestay.

Ok now , let me explain  the first question in title above.

Refer to above map also

At Changi Airport

1.–At Changi Airport, board the Changi  MRT, then head to Boon Lay MRT  (and also Intergrated Bus Interchange ) .  Then take Causewaylink Bus No CW6 ( the stage bus will pass the Tuas CIQ(S’pore side) and Second Link CIQ (M’sia side). Where you need to alight the bus  for Immigration checks and then board the bus again- but not necessarily the same bus, but please board the same Bus Route No-CW6 ( both CIQs )

changi-to-boon-lay-mrt-to-homestay-near-legoland-malaysia CW6-route-stationAbove : CW6 bus route ( base on website )

At Singapore and Malaysia Customs And Immigrations

2. Please take attention that you need to keep the bus ticket and need to be shown to the BUS DRIVER to re -board the CW6 after clearing both CIQs

3. After clearing the M’sia CIQ, journey to Bukit Indah should take you not more that 20 minutes ( or less since you will be travelling all the way by expressway to Bukit Indah)

dillenia-home-legoAbove : Alight the bus near the Jalan Indah 10/4 ( the bus will stop at across the street of Jalan Indah 10/4, you will see a bus stop next to Jalan Indah 10/4 )

bus-stop-jalanindah10-4 : rt-to-homestay-near-legoland-malaysia

4. You can either alight at the AEON Mall Bukit Indah  bus halt ( just in case you need to get food stock for staying at the homestay, you need to walk  abourt 400m to get to homestay ) ; or alight at the bust stop next to Jalan Indah 10/4 ( where it leads to Jalan Indah 10/14 ).

bus-stop-jalanindah10-4 : rt-to-homestay-near-legoland-malaysiaAbove : The bus stop is not there yet as this is Google Street View picture way back in 2013. See the woman walking across the entrance road?. That is the Jalan Indah 10/4. There are walkways leading up to to the traffic light junction next to AEON Mall.

bus-stop-jalan-indah10-4 : rt-to-homestay-near-legoland-malaysiaAbove : This picture was shot a few weeks ago and the bus stop ( Jalan Persiaran Indah next to Jalan Indah 10/4 ) now serving the residents around the neighbourhood.

Do you have any question? Let me know by commenting on this post.  Have a pleasant journey here from Changi! :-)