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Iskandar Puteri Jazz Festival 08 Sept 2018, Puteri Harbour, cuma 5 minit dari Legoland

Iskandar Puteri Jazz Festival 08 Sept 2018, Puteri Harbour, cuma 5 minit dari Legoland

Bagi anda yang menginap di Dillenia Homestay  pada hujung minggu dan nak mengisi malam anda pada Sabtu 8 September ni ada yang menarik akan nantikan anda sekeluarga di sana.

Puteri Harbour akan melangsungkan  Jazz Festival di sini. Buat pengetahuan anda, tempat menarik yang juga jadi tumpuan pelancong  ini, Puteri Harbour  cuma 5 minit pandu dari Legoland Malaysia dan 10-15 minit pandu dari Bandar Bukit Indah, Nusajaya .

Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk mengisi malam anda kat Festival Jazz ni menampilkan pelbagai artis-artis jazz antarabangsa. Jom pergi…!


Lego 4D Movie, new, is coming to Legoland Malaysia this 2016

Lego 4D Movie, new, is coming to Legoland Malaysia this 2016

New Lego Movie 4D , Legoland Malaysia 2016 Named ” A New Adventure”,  the old voice over cast  are Elizabeth Banks as Wildstyle, Alison Brie as Unikitty, Nick Offerman’s Metal Beard, Charlie Day as Benny.  A new cast  Patton Oswalt lend his voice  as the villainous Risky Business.
  The new movie will follow Emmet, Wyldstyle, Unikitty, Benny and MetalBeard travelling to an unknown places after they received a mysterious invitation that leads them to a new theme park, it is where all the games are based on their interesting journeys  in “The LEGO Movie”.
So, hurry up don’t miss the movie where you can experince sight, sounds , smells and object touching your skins in the Lego theater.
And dont forget Homestay Near Legoland Malaysia, the best place to stay, away from your home, while on vacation in Legoland Malaysia.

The Little Big Club at Hello Kitty, Puteri Harbour

The Little Big Club  at Hello Kitty, Puteri Harbour 15 minutes drive by car from Dillenia Homestay

The Little Big Club  at Hello Kitty, Puteri Harbour

Above picture: Berthie the Bus Ride

The Little Big Club is a must (RM50-citizen) at 2nd and 3rd Floor . Hello Kitty (1st Floor) is another thing, great if your wife n your daughter love the character.( less activity more on sight-seeing) But the enjoyment ( of course ,although the Legoland Malaysia triumph everything else here compare to other places of attraction) come when you and your whole family can enjoy the indoor games at the TLBC.

Prepare to spend at least 3 hours here, 4 if combined with the Hello Kitty first floor (both RM80 per / pax)

The Little Big Club  at Hello Kitty, Puteri Harbour

Homestay near Legoland  Malysia and Hello Kitty Accomodation:

If you prefer bright and happening night life where you can go for eating plus hanging out untill wee hours , 24 hours McDonald Taman Bukit Indah Township is just infront of Aeon Jusco Bukit Indah. Its a 3 storey shopping complex where there are more than 30 restaurant inside and 1 food court arena inside. Dillenia Homestay is just 5-10 minutes walk to Jusco Aeon Bukit Indah

Plus if you like watching movies TGV BUkit Indah at Jusco Aeon Bukit Indah offers you 7 cinemas inside Family needs holiday things supply : Fret not, Tesco hypermarket and Giant is just stone throw from Aeon Bukit Indah > Just Google “Aeon Jusco Bukit Indah” and there you will see the important , shops surround it. Lots of private clinics, Pharmacies, 7-E’s, ant the list goes on.

Locations of Taman Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru :

Taman Bukit Indah Township is merely 5-7 minutes drive to Legoland, 15 minutes to Hello Kitty, Puteri Harbour Nusajaya and 15 minute drive to Johor Bahru City- 30 minutes Woodlands CIQ Singapore and 30 minutes drive via SecondLInk Expressway to CIQ Tuas Singapore.

Dilenia homestay-legolandto-angsana-Johor Bahru city-JB Bazz, City Square map

Above : Just 15 minute s to JB City

homestay-to-angsana-Johor Bahru city-JB Bazz, City Square, how to go, Legoland, Hello Kitty

Above : Proximity to JB City and Singapore

homestay-to lego-map

Above : 7 minutes drive to Legoland Johor from Dillenia Homestay

Public Bus and Taxis:

Where there is a shopping complex , there will be abundant taxis and bus, here Blue and Red Taxi is abundant, Stage Bus-The Causeway Link go frequently to Singapore direct to Boon Lay Street . Singapore

Last but not least consider staying at Dillenia Homestay-cheers!



Homestay Near Legoland : Pasar Ramadhan


pasar ramadhan Aeon Taman Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru

Bagi anda yang kebetulan menginap di DIllenia Homestay, pasar ramadhan yang terdekat sekali ialah bersebelahan Aeon Taman Bukit Indah. Lokasinya di kawasan tempat letak kereta bersebelahan dengan Petronas. Petronas pula terletak berhadapan dengan Public Bank Taman Bukit Indah.

Jangan silap tempat ya, sebab ada 3  Petronas di sini ya!