Homestay Near Legoland Johor Bahru ,Near by Activities : Extreme Sport of Ulu Choh Dirt Park

Interesting place of attraction in Johor Bahru : for Mountain biking fans

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Ok guys, if you like extreme sport particularly mountain biking, head on to Bukit Cendol  in Ulu Choh where there are facilities for dirt bike enthusiast were already setup there. Lots of challenging cycle tracks. Up and down the hill plus it is free  do your activities or hosting some events.Extreme-sport-ulu-choh-joor bahru-malaysia

Where is the location dude?:

Just 10 km from the Legoland theme park in Nusajaya Johor Bahru, it takes only 10 min to reach there via Nusajaya-Gelang Patah-Ulu Choh route. (country road, country road)

From Dillenia Homestay it is just 15-20 minutes by  Second Link Highway-Taman Nusantara-Gelang Patah-Ulu Choh route.

Do not hesitate to contact us for accommodation. We are just 15-20 minutes driving to Ulu Choh Dirt Park. So, if you are looking for guet house or homestay nearby we are the best to provide you with amenities. Aeon Mall just 450meters away etc. Have a nice week end, dude!!

Extreme-sport-ulu-choh-johor bahru-malaysia

Extreme-sport-ulu-choh-johor bahru-malaysia